Blue Color Day Celebration (27.11.2017)

Zonal Athletics Primary

Inter School English Play Act (18.11.2017)

MS-Excel/Graph/Chart Presentation class IX-X (25.11.2017)

National Integration Day (25.11.2017)

DJ Fete (24.11.2017)

One nation reading (25.11.17)

Middle Fete - VI to IX (23.11.2017)

Anshul Bhatti IX-E (High Jump 2nd Position Silver Medal)

Anshul Bhatti IX-E (High Jump 3rd Position Bronze Medal

Anshul Bhatti IX-E 800 m junior girl zonal athletic 2017

Participation in Inter Zonal Athletic Meet Marching Competition 2017

Seminar Nov 2017

Paper Tearing and Cap Making Class-II (15-11-17)

Vigilance Awareness Week (VIII-X)

Nur- II Childrens Day (14-11-17)

Collage Making Activity on Children`s Day III-V (14-11-17)

Poster Making on Children`s Day VI-VIII (14-11-17)

Children`s Day (14-11-17)

Zonal marching competition (7-11-17)

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