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Summer Camp Closing Ceremony(29.5.2019)

Maths Workshop-22.5.2019

Summer Camp_2019 (13.05.2019-30.05.2019)

Workshop on Effective Teaching-21.5.2019

Yoga Training- Physical Fitness of Teachers_21.5.2019

Workshop on Leadership - 16.5.2019

Workshop On Thalassemia -15.5.2019

Visit to Post-Office of Class I,II & Pre-School (8.5.2019-10.5.2019)

Hindi Poem Recitation Competition for Class PS - II(8.05.2019)

Avengers Movie trip - 8.05.2019


Mother Day Celebration-29.04.2019

Mother`s Day Celebration - 29.04.2019

Robotics Education- Remote Control Car

Vibgyor (Theme - Mother`s Day) - 27.04.2019

Hindi/Sanskrit Week (23.4.2019-25.04.2019)

Inter House Table Tennis Competition (22.4.2019-23.4.2019)

Magic Show By Times Of India Group (Nursery) - 22.4.2019

World Earth Day - 22.4.2019

Robotics Education- An Intelligent Alarm using Light Sensor(20.04.2019)

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