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                                                                          SUBJECT: - SCIENCE                                                              Date:07.March-2015


  1. Chapter “Natural  Resources “  will not be included in Question Paper.
  2. OTBA questions will be based on the passages given by Board i.e. “SWACHH  BHARAT” and “ MARS MISSION”.

General Instruction:- For Sc. Q.Paper:-

  1. The question paper comprises of three Sections, A,B and C. You are the attempt all the sections.
  2. All questions are compulsory.
  3. There is no choice in any of the questions
  4. All questions of Section-A, Section –B and Section –C are to be attempted separately.
  5. Question number 1 to 3 in Section –A are one mark questions. These are to be answered in one word or in one Sentence.
  6. Question number 4 and 5 in Section –A are two marks questions. These are to be answered in about 30 words each.
  7. Question number 6 to 16 in Section –A are three marks questions. These are to be answered in about 50 words each.
  8. Question number 17 to 21 in Section –A are five marks questions. These are to be answered in about 70 words each.
  9. Section B has 3 OTBA questions. Question number 22 is two marks, Question number 23 is three marks and Question number 24 is five marks question.
  10. Question numbers 25 to 33 in section-C are multiple choice question based on practical skills. Each question is a one mark question. You are to select one most appropriate response out of the four provided to you.
  11. Question numbers 34 to 36 in Section C are two marks questions based on practical skills. These are to be answered in about 30 words each.


An Online Exam of Students Global Aptitude Test will be conducted between 16th Dec to 20th Dec, 2014 as per the Board Notification. Students who have paid for this should not be absent during these days.



News for Class X

Registration For  Class X

  • COMPULSORY :- Board Exams (fees Rs. 250/- Per Student)

  • OPTIONAL:- PSA (Improvement)(fees Rs. 100/-)

  • SGAI :- (Students Global Aptitude Index fees Rs 100/-)

  • Proficiency Test  :-(fees depending on number of subjects.)

Note:- Registration for all the above is going on ...

students are requested to submit fees latest by 26th September 2014.

P.S.A. Exam  for Class IX & X will be held on 20th November-2014.

  1. Compulsory for students of IX and X to appear both in S.A I and S.A. II

  2. Students must score a minimum of 25% in S.A exams i.e 15/60 in S.A. I + II in all subjects individually and overall 33% in each subject.

  3. In English S. A I and S.A II exams a listening and speaking skill exam will be held so in class X English S.A. papers will be of 80 marks and in class IX of 70 marks.

         Regstration fees for Class IX should be submitted by Monday 22nd September 2014   

  •          Better of the 2 PSA Scores will be counted.

Dear Parents

               Open Text Book Assessment (OTBA) has been introduced in S.A. II Exam (Term2) in Class IX. The material is available on C.B.S.E site ( vide circular No. 39/2013 and Circular No. 53 dated 8th August. The material for each subject has to be brought by your ward to the class. Kindly see to it that the child brings the text for discussion to class everyday .  

All parents of class IX  are to note that no child is to be absent from Monday 2nd Dec till 15th December as recording of ASL (Assessment of speaking and Listening) is going on. These recordings are to be sent to C.B.S.E and their weightage is of 20 marks in Board Exam.                 

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